7 Ways to Cook Out without a Grill 

If you think owning a grill is the only way you could quench your thirst of cooking in your backyard or anywhere outside your home, it is an outright lie. Summers summon you outside and if you have nothing good to eat, your summer may be ruined. At times like this, it may suck not having a grill. But fortunately enough, there are numerous methods you might fall back on to confront the dearth of grill and pull off amazing recipes outside your home without much effort into the grilling business. There are DIY hacks that can get your near to a grilling experience without a grill. These methods can even replace the idea of a conventional grill that you may harbour in your mind. Without luring you much, let us begin with the actual thing. 


Use your broiler 

If you bring a slightly different perspective, your broiler might pass off as your makeshift grill. Look at your broiler as a grill that has been put upside down. Heat provided from top would result in excellent amount of charring. You can easily achieve it with your regular broiler in the kitchen. The downside is highlighted by the fact that there would be no smoky flavour. 

Try grill pans 

Grill pans can come in handy with their ridges. These ridges can provide grill marks easily. The only thing is that you would not draw a smoky flavor out of this method. The better news is that grill pans are cheaply available. 

Or simply pitch in barbecue ingredients 

One of the easiest ways to achieve a smoky flavor is to utilize smoky ingredients in your cooking. You can go with smoked paprika or smoked salt or even smoky olive oil to fake a smoky flavor without much effort. 

Or consider smoking over grilling

You can always go for an electric smoker to get the smoky flavor without the grill. Though it sounds absurd, it is one of the easiest ways. 

Try clay pot to come up with a makeshift grill 

Well, if you have a clay pot large enough, you can use some aluminum foil and metallic wires to construct a makeshift grill out of it. Put in it some charcoal to give it a flavourful kick. The food that you grill on this clay pot would end up with a smoky flavor for sure. 


Old washing machine turned into a grill 

If you are about to throw out a washing machine that has been rendered useless, give the decision a second thought as you could easily put in some work to obtain a makeshift grill out of it. It does not hurt to recycle things when food is the matter. 

Last but not the least 

You can easily convert waste soda cans into fully functional miniature models of grills. These soda can grills can easily take the load of a sausage. 

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So these 7 ways ensure that you never fail to enjoy your summer without smoky food. So do not be lazy now, make yourself one! 

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