Handheld vacuum cleaners have indeed been a revolutionary step in the vacuum cleaning world. These vacuum cleaners have made cleaning convenient and easily transportable without much effort. It would be right to say that handheld vacuum cleaners have a tendency to clean up nooks and corners where a conventional vacuum cleaner might not be able to reach. Eliminating the cord gives these devices an edge over conventional cleaners as many further benefits come up. Furthermore, the innovations in technology have led to these devices becoming better over the years and their capabilities have only been on a rise. There are numerous benefits that these little things entail, let us discuss them at length in this write-up. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners are affordable 

This may be the most important benefit in this discussion. Handheld vacuum cleaners may sound extravagant but they are surprisingly affordable. A good quality handheld vacuum cleaner would cost somewhere between 50 to 75 dollars. What is surprising yet is the fact that some corded vacuum cleaners may cost more than this. 

Easy maintenance 

Yes, handheld vacuums are pretty easy to maintain. Some of these vacuum cleaners come without a bag, which makes dumping a task easier than ever. The filters can be replaced easily and other machine parts seldom require any touch-ups. 


The handheld vacuum cleaners are pretty much versatile with the attachments they come. They can possibly get into every corner of your house with the right attachment. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners are powerhouses 

To be very honest, the power capability of a vacuum cleaner does not depend on the kind of input power it uses. A high voltage lithium-ion battery would invariably provide more power to the device and make it capable of handling heavier particles. 

Can clean things a corded vacuum cannot 

A handheld vacuum cleaner can be way easier on a staircase than a corded vacuum cleaner. For a corded vacuum cleaner, you need to figure out the utility of attachments, while a handheld vacuum cleaner can perform that task without much hassle. 

Can go places 

You read right, handheld vacuum cleaners go places, quite literally. You can easily carry this thing around your house; to your garage, to your attic or even to the beach. Such things were never possible with corded vacuum cleaners. Rest assured, the suction powers would be no less in comparison. 

Easy to carry around 

Needless to say, handheld vacuum cleaners have minimized the hindrance that the corded ones had to offer with their short cords. Furthermore, handheld vacuum cleaners offer a stunning grip in your hands. 


Handheld vacuum cleaners are pretty less on this side, significantly lesser than their heavier siblings. This further gives rise to many more advantages.  

Some handheld vacuum cleaners weigh a tad over 5 pounds. Thus making it easier for anyone to carry them around. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller 

The size of handheld vacuum cleaners in comparison to corded and heavier vacuum cleaners is tiny. Thus, they can be stored at any place in your home. 


These benefits make handheld vacuum cleaners even more desirable. They are worth every penny put in. So, go grab yourself one!