Handheld Vacuum vs. Corded Vacuum

With the technology progressing every day, handheld gadgets have far surpassed the utility of corded gadgets. Similar is the case with vacuum cleaners, the hassle of managing the cord behind you as you take your vacuum cleaner places, has been successfully resolved. However, that is not the only perspective we bring into this picture. There are nuances that need to be considered in order to draw comparison between the two. When we consider all the aspects of vacuum cleaning in this arena, a fitting comparison can be built on them. Let us proceed further with this write-up to gain a better idea. 


Classified under wide categories, the comparison is as follows: 

Life Span 

Corded vacuum cleaners are less prone to any unexplained damages to the system. Thus, they have a longer life span and come with warranty as well. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners work on batteries. Non-removable batteries might give birth to a peculiar problem: If the batteries die out, the entire unit is rendered useless. Indeed, it is better to go with a handheld vacuum cleaner that has removable batteries. 


This is the hottest issue in any case. 

Corded vacuum cleaners are comparatively cheaper than the handheld ones. A decent corded vacuum cleaner would cost around 35 dollars. Moreover, it is likely to provide a better performance than an expensive handheld vacuum cleaner. 


Certainly, a cordless vacuum cleaner is more convenient to carry around the house for cleaning purposes. Handheld vacuum cleaners go everywhere from your attic to your garage. This flexibility makes for a considerable amount of convenience. 

Whereas, a corded vacuum cleaner hampers flexibility as it confines it to a few meters. You cannot carry a corded vacuum cleaner around the house easily. 

Charging time and usage time 

If you own a corded vacuum cleaner, rest assured as this is the place where it would come out as a clear winner. As long as electricity is available, your corded vacuum cleaner would continue to serve you. 

Run time and charging time are important factors governing the handheld vacuum cleaners. Lower run time generally implies poor battery which in turn implies reduced performance. A lithium ion battery is advisable if you require better performance with possible charging in between usages. 

The suction power 

Last but not the least, the most important factor governing the performance of vacuum cleaners is suction power. More suction power invariably implies better cleaning ability. 

As it may seem, corded vacuum cleaners not always score well in this category. However, they are capable of providing a consistent suction performance as battery is eliminated. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners lose power delivery over time as the battery drains away. It is recommended that you consider using a lithium ion battery with a higher voltage rating which is capable of comparatively higher amount of charge than their adversaries. 


In the aforementioned, we have narrowed down some important aspects of vacuum cleaning and compared handheld and corded vacuum cleaners, building on the same. Now, it is up to the user to choose according to their needs. Wish you a good time cleaning!  

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