How to brew coffee in a Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer is a charm in itself. It makes the process of brewing easy and intriguing as it brings the experience of a coffeehouse to home. Its most amazing facets are its features that bring out the best of coffee beans. It comes with a thorough mechanism that also has a built-in frother. You can easily toggle between various sizes and types of brewing without much effort. If that was not enough, innumerable recipes are available for you to try on your brewer; and that too at home. What more can one ask for? So, now let us see how you can brew your coffee in this machine. We would take a look at some recipes of coffee brewed on this machine. 


Maple Pecan Coffee 



  • Put the coffee that has been ground in the brewing basket. 
  • Ensure that the carafe is in place for brewing. 
  • Toggle to the full size of carafe and hit the button with the name, ‘Classic Brew’. 
  • While the machine is busy, beat the maple syrup and the heavy cream together. Add cinnamon to it. 
  • When the brewing process is complete, pour the coffee into cups. Use the cream and cinnamon as topping. 

Let’s consider another recipe so as to have more understanding of the brewer. 


Iced Coffee 


  • 3 tablespoons of coffee, ground 
  • 2 cups full of ice 
  • 1/3 cup of milk 
  • 1/3 cup of condensed milk, sweetened 


  • Put the coffee that has been ground in the brewing basket. 
  • Bring together the milk and condensed milk in one large cup. Mix them well. Put ice into this cup and position it to brew. 
  • Select the brewing size of XL cup and brew of Over Ice. The process should now begin. 
  • When the process comes to an end, mix the contents together. 

That’s it. 

Let’s brew using another technique so as to learn by example. 

Iced Cocoa Latte


  • 4 tablespoons of coffee, ground 
  • 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup 
  • A tablespoon of caramel syrup 
  • A tablespoon of peanut butter 
  • Half cup of milk 
  • 2 cups full of ice 


  • Put the coffee that has been ground in the brewing basket. 
  • Bring together ice, caramel syrup and chocolate syrup in one large cup. Position this cup to brew. 
  • Hit the ‘Specialty’ button.  
  • While the process goes on, combine milk and peanut butter in a cup. Mix them well. 
  • When the brewing process is complete, stir the contents together. 
  • Use the built-in frother to froth the mixture for about 30 seconds. The instructions of using the frother are enlisted in your Owner’s Guide. 
  • Now pour the frothed mixture in the coffee. 

So, the aforementioned recipes cover many features that the brewer has to offer. Learning from example, your Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer would look more fun. 

Happy brewing! 

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